TireEx Limited Warranty

TireEx is mainly intended for customers’ satisfaction. Thus, all our products are under guarantee in consent with manufacturers’ general policy against workmanship and materials. We highly value your safety and time, therefore we are doing our best to avoid supplying defect products by selecting to supply only those products that proved high quality and high value for money.

Tires are covered under terms of this warranty while the following apply

  1. Warranty is granted to the owner of the tire or authorized agent bearing the original official invoice issued by TireEx through all their sales gates.
  2. This is a limited warranty that covers the tire, tube, flap or products purchased from TireEx, and is not covering any extra costs resulting from the tire defect or cost of mounting, dismounting or transport of claimed tire.
  3. The tire under focus has been used in approved or recommended service conditions in terms of size, load, speed, inflation pressure and operation routes.
  4. Tire must be presented along with an official invoice with a request to inspect the tire for warranty.
  5. Tire must be inspected by our technician or by an agent authorized by TireEx.
  6. Remaining tread depth is more than 1.6 mm (2/32 inch) of usable tread.
  7. The tire is not included in any other warranty agreement other than this general warranty.
  8. This warranty covers the first tread life, where it is not retreaded, recapped, repaired or re-grooved.

Duration and adjustment calculations

Tire accepted for warranty will be adjusted based on the following sectors:

  1. Full purchase value for the first 1.6 mm of tread, or unused tire for duration of one year from purchase invoice.
    Prorate against the remaining tread depth.
  2. Which is to adjust based on the remaining usable tread percentage. (for details you can request the adjustment details individually from the sales or technical department of TireEx)
  3. This warranty is valid for the duration from date of the original purchase invoice within these categories:
    – Goodyear and Kelly tires warranted for 5 years or remaining tread less than 1.6 mm – whichever comes first
    – All Indian brands warranted for 3 years from purchase date.
    – All Chinese tires warranted for one year from purchase date.
  4. Claim settlement is made under two client status:
    – Credit and account customers, adjustment will be credited to account
    – None account customers, the adjustment is made by replacement tire at price on the time of settlement minus the adjustment value.
  5. Accepted tires for warranty will become the property of TireEx and will not be reused, resold or transferred to third party without official permission from TireEx.

Excluded from this warranty:

This warranty does not cover these cases either proven or not:

  1. Tires damaged by operation and service:
    Road hazards, including without limitation to impacts cuts by foreign object, snags, bruises and stone drill.
    Punctures (repaired or none repaired) or any repairs to the tire components (tube, valve and flap)
  2. Improper use of operation, including without limitation Improper inflation pressure, overloading, tire/ wheel spinning, curbing, use of an improper rim/wheel, tire chain damage, misuse, misapplication, negligence, tire alteration, or for racing or competition purposes
    Improper maintenance of the vehicle as misalignment, defected brakes, improper rims, defected or worn suspension components, improper mounting, imbalance wheel/tires assembly or none moving components in contact with the tire.
  3. Contamination or degradation by petroleum products or other chemicals, fire or other externally generated heat, or water or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting or inflation
  4. Irregular wear of all types including without limitation to rapid wear, one or both shoulder wear, center wear or flakes and chunks
  5. Weather and ozone cracks resulting during service or storage after purchase.
  6. Tires subjected to improper air pressure or run-flat with significant/complete loss of air pressure.
  7. Ride disturbance or vibration after tread wear use beyond 10% of original usable tread
  8. depth.Tires inflated with anything other than air or nitrogen.

Important Safety Information

Any tire, no matter how well constructed, may fail in use as a result of punctures, impact damage, improper inflation pressure, overloading, or other conditions resulting from use or misuse. Tire failure may create a risk of property damage, serious personal injury or death.

Safety Warning

Serious personal injury or death may result from a tire failure. Many tire failures are preceded by vibration, bumps, bulges or irregular wear. If a vibration occurs while driving your vehicle or you notice a bump, bulge or irregular wear, have your tires and vehicle evaluated by a qualified tire service professional.

We strongly recommend reading tire service and vehicle maintenance manual, and to regularly check tire pressure and any abnormalities in tread wear.