Tire shopping

1. You must first determine the tire size you are looking for by specifying the width, height and rim size.

2.After selecting the size or brand, you will be taken to the store page. You will find all brands of the same size you searched for.

Choose the frame you want and click “Add to Cart”

3. On the Shopping Cart screen, you will be able to see the frames you have already selected. Also, you can activate discount coupons to get discounts.

4. On the next page, you will have to fill in different fields to provide us with certain information such as billing and shipping address, first name, last name, etc… to place and confirm your purchase order. Finally, you will be able to proceed with payment.

When you place your order, you will be sent a confirmation email with full order details, after which our team at TireEx.ae will take care of everything else, making sure you are informed of your order status at every stage for your peace of mind.

We aim to change the way people buy their car tires in United Arab Emirates, for several benefits:

  1. We have a large range of tires and we stock tires suitable for all types of vehicles. Our team works hard to ensure that the latest models from the leading brands in the tire industry are available to our customers
  2. Installing tires with an online reservation system. This service gives you the ability to choose the appropriate place where you want to install your new tires, in addition to saving time and convenience.
  3. There are a large number of stores and showrooms, so you can buy your car cover from the site and have it installed in one of our branches spread throughout the United Arab Emirates .
  4. Multiple payment options: You can pay the full amount or choose 4-month installments.
The tire size is printed on the side of the bezel. When you look up the size, you will see that it is made up of a series of numbers and letters. In the example above, each section is divided as follows: 205 – Tire width (in millimeters) 55 – Height. R16 – Rim size (inner diameter of rim in inches)

You can submit a request to provide the required tire via email

Care@TireEx.ae  will respond as soon as it is available

When choosing new tires, there are several factors to consider.

There are four main factors to consider before making your choice:

  1. The weather and climate where you live

For example, if you live in a country with heavy rain, look for the SASO label for “Wet Surface Grip.”

  1. The type of vehicle you own

Cars, pickup trucks, SUVs and campers require special tires designed to meet the unique requirements of each type of vehicle.

For this reason, it is important to make sure you have the right type for your vehicle.

  1. Your leadership style

Each tire at tireex.ae comes with an overview and key features that the tire is designed for. Evaluating these characteristics will help you find a frame that suits your style.

  1. Your budget

We understand that money is a major factor in choosing your frame and the temptation may be to go with as cheap a frame as possible. However, tires are the only means of communication between your car and the road. So instead of thinking about how cheap I can get tires, think about how much you can afford.

At Tirex, our priority is tire safety and storage quality. All our tires are safe to sell for two years from the date of production according to the standard of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment. The expected life of tires is two years or 60,000 kilometers, depending on consumption. It is recommended to rotate tires every four months or 15,000 kilometers.

Run-flat tires are specifically designed for the purpose of maintaining their function for a limited period of time, with no air pressure in the tire.

What this means is that if you get a puncture while driving, the tire will remain usable for about fifty miles. This gives you time to drive the car home or to a nearby garage.

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a key safety component required when using flat tires.

With TPMS, an alert is displayed on your console – letting you know that your car has suffered a puncture and that you will need to replace the tire as soon as possible.

The tire speed rating is displayed on the sidewall. You’ll find it at the end of the tire measurement. It is always represented by a letter – in the following example, the tire speed rating is “V”.

Speed ratings are based on tests in which engineers run the tire at 6.2 mph, in 10-minute increments, until the required speed is met.

We constantly try to improve our prices by searching for the best deals and tire availability. There are times when prices may fluctuate due to many factors beyond our control.

Prices can also change when we offer a new deal or when a frame at the previous price is no longer available.

Request Questions

Currently, this service is not available. To change or add products to your order, you must cancel the existing order and create a new order.
If you would like to cancel your order, please email us at info@tireex.ae ، Mentioning the order number.
There is no minimum order. TireEx takes care of all orders.
All orders take 1-3 business days, except for shipping orders which take 2-4 business days. Orders may take longer to process than usual during seasonal sales and offers.

Delivery, payment and warranty questions

You can select the appropriate payment method from the following. Tabby installments: Divide your purchases into 4 interest-free payments. Mada cards/credit cards: Mada – Visa – American Express – MasterCard
Tabby is bound by certain terms that support shopping, therefore, not all purchases are approved. We understand that it can be frustrating to have a purchase rejected after being approved in the past. Tabby uses various factors to determine which orders are approved. Our customer service team is unable to change the automated outcome of the approval decision.
Delivery and installation Abu Dhabi (AEAZ): Abu Dhabi – Al Ain – Madinat Zayed – Al Ruwais – Liwa Oasis – Ghayathi – Abu Al Abyad – Al Ajban – Al Araim – Al Marfa – Al Shuwaib – Al Yahar – Dalma – Habshan – Fans – Nahil – Sila – Sir Bani Yas – Al Suwaihan – Al Faqaa – Al Khazna – Abu Samra – Al-Qu’a – Al-Waqan – Al-Bayhouth – Al-Salha Ajman (AEAJ): Ajman – Manama – Masfoot Dubai (AEDU): Dubai – Jebel Ali – Hatta – Al Awir – Al Khawaneej – Al Lisaili – Lahbab Fujairah (AEFU): Fujairah – Dibba Al-Fujairah – Al-Bidiya – Al-Bathna – Al-Hallah – Dadna – Ghab – Merbah – Al-Zubarah Ras Al Khaimah (AERK): Ras Al Khaimah City – Al Rams – Azan – Al Hamraniyah – Al Jazeera Al Hamra – Al Jeer – Al Qasidat – Al Qar – Al Samaa – Daqdaq – Ghalila – Huwaylat – Khat – Khor Khuwair – Al Shaam – Wadi Shah – Masafi Sharjah (AESH): Sharjah – Khor Fakkan – Kalba – Al Dhaid – Dibba Al Hisn – Al Madam – Al Bataeh – Al Hamriya – Mleiha Umm Al Quwain (AEUQ): Umm Al Quwain – Al Raffa – Al Rashidiya – Falaj Al Mualla Installation at the service center The tire installation service within the service center is available in the official centers in the following cities: Riyadh – Jeddah – Al-Khobar – Jubail – Al-Ahsa. (Please note that tires are available in Tire) Shipping We provide shipping service to all regions of the Kingdom (a tracking link will be sent to your email once the tires are shipped and you can track your shipment through it)
This service is not available, all tires are available in our own warehouses and are sent to service centers according to orders placed through our website.
You can write to us at Care@TireEx.ae to provide you with all the required details.
All of our tires are guaranteed by the local agent’s warranty, and the warranty period varies according to the agent’s policy
There is no minimum order. TireEx takes care of all orders.
After adding the desired frame to your cart, go to the checkout page and select the payment method: (Tabby)
We are pleased to serve you through the unified number 800847339 Or email Care@TireEx.ae Days: Monday to Saturday Friday prayer break: 12:30-02:30

If you cannot find your inquiry, you can contact us directly through:

UAE time 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Days: Monday to Saturday
Friday prayer break: 12:30-02:30